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Pokemon Big Bang Friending Meme
by chrysa (13). [eevee]
pokepromptsmods wrote in pokemon_bigbang

Pokémon BIGBANG Friending Meme

1. You didn't have to be a participant to participate in the friending meme. Everyone is encouraged to join in on the fun!
2. But you didn't, please be sure to check out our masterlist of entries since this meme is all about celebrating their accomplishments.
3. Play nice.
4. Be prepared to make friends!

fill it out!

pimp it out!

[Masu Trout]

POKéMON FANDOMS ★; All generations of the games plus Colosseum!
FAVOURITE CHARACTERS ★; White, Jasmine, and Gold
FAVOURITE SHIPS ★; I like White/Basically anyone, Gold/Jasmine, Gold/Silver, We/Rui, Silver/Lyra, and Lucian/Aaron! I'll read pretty much anything, though, and I've got a fondness for crackships.

OTHER FANDOMS ★; Homestuck, +Anima, Good Omens, Kingdom Hearts, TWEWY, and probably Killer7 starting now, because WOW.
OTHER SHIPS ★; John/Vriska, Ashley/D, Neku/Shiki, Crowley/Aziraphale, and WQ/PM.
OTHER INTERSETS ★; Um, I kickbox? I like to write and do cool stuff, yup!
ETC? ★;

Good Omens! Are you doing the go-exchange this year?

(Deleted comment)
Alexa Rose

A/S/L ★; 21 / ♀ / Disney World
POKéMON FANDOMS ★; Heavily into the games, with a lot of influence from PokéSpe. Not into the anime.
FAVOURITE CHARACTERS ★; N, Lance (both PokéSpe, games, and anime versions), Blaine.
FAVOURITE SHIPS ★; I'm not into canon shipping. I favor certain pairings, but ultimately don't really care one way or another. i'm too busy shipping OCs

OTHER FANDOMS ★; Assassin's Creed, Star Wars, Ragnarök Online, RIFT: Planes of Telara, Gaia Online, Disney∙Pixar's Cars, Weiß Kreuz, Trigun, Hellsing, TRON (both the original and Legacy).
OTHER SHIPS ★; Integral x Alucard and Seras x Pip, both from Hellsing. Vash x Meryl and Wolfwood x Millie from Trigun. McQueen x Sally from Cars. That's about it. Again, not too big on canon shipping.
OTHER INTERSETS ★; RPing (like, intensely) , writing, sewing, art in general, palmistry, astrology, ~the unknown~ like UFOs and ghosts and stuff, airports and planes and airlines.

ETC? ★;


What class, what server?? SO CURIOUS, it's kind of like finding a unicorn to find people who still like RO these days

(Also, Weiss Kreuz and Trigun are also awesome anime to be a fan of, A+)

A/S/L ★; no idea, questioning, in a place known for beavers and maple syrup but actually we only get muddy snow
POKéMON FANDOMS ★; most handheld games, many manga and the first gen anime
FAVOURITE POKéMON ★; Altaria! It's so fluffy! And can sing me into sleep!
FAVOURITE CHARACTERS ★; HGSS Silver. Too bad his looks didn't click with me, but I love his tsundere personality.
FAVOURITE SHIPS ★; HGSS Johto OT3 from the games. It's tsundere + badass adorable psychic twins combo. I also enjoy many crack ships like Red/Silver, Green/Hibiki, HGSS Silver/Childhood friend (that's either Lyra or Ethan), Hibiki/Silver, Silver/random Lady class trainer, Gold --> Silver --> Blue unsolvable triangle from PokeSpe and wish Kris/Silver could happen, doesn't matter game or PokeSpe.

OTHER FANDOMS ★; Good Omens, The Sandman, Gunnerkrigg Court, Dresden Codak, Ghost in the Shell, Portal, first volumes of Harry Potter... Adventure Time Fionna and Cake? And, does real life count as fandom? There are other fictions that I like but don't/no longer ship or read/write fanworks, like White Collar, Merlin (wait, I wrote for that one), Matrix, Legend of 1900, The Room, Source Code, Inception, Batman movies, Legend of Zelda, His Dark Material, Fire Emblem, Discworld, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Nine Planets without Intelligent Life, xkcd, The World Ends With You, Daytripper, Watchmen, etc.
OTHER SHIPS ★; Annie/Kat [Gunnerkrigg], Anathema/Newton [Good Omens], Wonderella/Hitlerella [Non-Adventure of Wonderella].

ETC? ★; You got to admit that bird legs are sexier than human legs.

Not to say I dislike birds (obviously), but idk, human legs can be pretty awesome...

But in all seriousness, you like a lot of really awesome things. Are we already friends? Because we should really be friends. I LOVE ALL YOUR CRACK SHIPS AND KIND OF ACTUALLY SHIP THEM TOO, I love Green/Ethan a lot and His Dark Materiaaaaaals I loved the first two books, even if the third didn't capture my heart.

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FAVOURITE POKéMON ★; Aggron or Entei, can't decide. :l
FAVOURITE CHARACTERS ★; Lance, Wallace, Archie, Maxie,
FAVOURITE SHIPS ★; ArchieMaxie, represent!

OTHER FANDOMS ★; Dragon Age II, Assassin's Creed, Psych, Homestuck, 30 Rock, and Sherlock are my main ones right now. Plus many more.
OTHER SHIPS ★; JohnVriska, FenrisHawke, AndersHawke, ...AndersFenris, RoseKanaya, SherlockWatson.
OTHER INTERSETS ★; I draw and write and roleplay and shit. I'm pretty boring TBH. :l

ETC? ★; Have some Mycroft.

If it were humanly possible to friend you again, I totally would. :)

A/S/L ★; 23/f/Narnia

POKéMON FANDOMS ★; All gens of the games plus Pokemon ranger and mystery dungeon, Colosseum and XD, PokeSpe
FAVOURITE CHARACTERS ★; Uhhhm idk if I can pick just one :C
FAVOURITE SHIPS ★; Alder/Cheren, Touko/White, Blue/Sabrina, Cynthia/Dawn, Gold/Silver/Kotone (and variations)

OTHER FANDOMS ★; Tiger & Bunny, PMMM, Zelda, Dragon Quest, Parks & Rec, Rizzoli & Isles, Adventure Time, Downton Abbey, various Marvel and DC comics
OTHER SHIPS ★; Kotetsu/Barnaby, Madoka/Homura & Kyouko/Sayaka, Rizzoli/Isles, Marceline/Princess Bubblegum
OTHER INTERESTS ★; Graphic Design (since its what I do for a living :D), drawing, roleplaying and other stuff.

ETC? ★;

THAT GIF IS ADORABLE. and your fandoms excite me. mind if i add?

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(Screened comment)
[Crystal Rose of Pollux]

POKéMON FANDOMS ★; Anime seasons 1-8, Gens I, II, and III (waiting to get a DS to play IV/V. XD;)
FAVOURITE POKéMON ★; Top 5: Raichu, Charizard, Articuno, Vaporeon, Arcanine
FAVOURITE CHARACTERS ★; Brock (game and anime-verse), Ash, Misty (anime-verse), Lance (game and anime-verse)
FAVOURITE SHIPS ★; None really, but if I must pick one, then Ash/Misty (when they're older, of course).

OTHER FANDOMS ★; Main fandoms are Hogan's Heroes, Kolchak: the Night Stalker (original series, not the remake), Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (yes, the game show), and Yu-Gi-Oh DM. Other fandoms are Monk, Bonanza, Legend of Zelda, Phantom of the Opera, Get Smart (original, not the remake), Kingdom Hearts, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, and TMNT, among others that I probably forgot to mention...XD;
OTHER SHIPS ★; Seto/Téa (YGO DM), Link/Zelda, Raoul/Christine (Phantom of the Opera)
OTHER INTERSETS ★; Rockapella (best band ever...♥), cats, birds, Egyptology
ETC? ★; ...I got nothing. XD;

You had me at Carmen Sandiego. Greg was my first crush, ngl. And so was Carmen Sandiego. And we can all agree that the Chief was all shades of awesome.

Can you find the eps on YouTube these days? I need to marathon that series sometime.

Also, high five for liking the anime and early generations!

(Deleted comment)
I was almost a Minnesotan furry once! But then I ended up not staying in Minnesota. :)

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
A/S/L ★; 23, Female, California

POKéMON FANDOMS ★; All gen games and anime
FAVOURITE POKéMON ★; Seadra, Vaporeon, Absol, Milotic, Swampert, Ninetales

OTHER FANDOMS ★; Baccano!, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ouran High School Host Club, Downton Abbey, Puella Magi Madoka Magica
OTHER SHIPS ★; Roy/Riza and Ed/Winry (FMA), Tamaki/Haruhi (Ouran), Homura/Madoka (Puella Magi)
OTHER INTERSETS ★; music, reading, writing, math, business news, surfing the internet

ETC? ★;

aaah your fandoms + gif~! mind if i add? :3

A/S/L ★; 18 / Female / Somewhere

POKéMON FANDOMS ★; Games (main and side games), Special, Movies, Anime (to an extent; haven't seen the anime past Hoenn).
FAVOURITE POKéMON ★; Castform, Sewaddle line, Pidgey line, Jirachi, Kyogre, Trapinch line, Mareep line... there's others, too.
FAVOURITE CHARACTERS ★; FALKNER, Jasmine, Norman, Juggler Irwin, Burgh, Chili, pretty much anyone I play.
FAVOURITE SHIPS ★; I'll ship pretty much anything, oops.

OTHER FANDOMS ★; Main ones are Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Glee, Sand Chronicles, and Etrian Odyssey, but a more complete list can be found here.
OTHER SHIPS ★; Also listed above!
OTHER INTERSETS ★; BIRDS, language (German especially), music, writing (poetry and scripts mainly), roleplaying, making roleplay memes, being silly... I'm so terrible at these memes. :c

ETC? ★; I'm also on Plurk and Tumblr! Please ask before adding me on Plurk!

A/S/L ★; 22, F, Indianapolis

POKéMON FANDOMS ★; mostly anime, but I like HG/SS, DPPt, and BW gameverses depending on the characters, Ono and Special manga
FAVOURITE POKéMON ★; Meowth/any cats, any Ghost-type Pokemon, Gothitelle, Reshiram, Darkrai, Zoroark line, Woobats
FAVOURITE CHARACTERS ★; Giovanni, James, Meowth, Jessie, Domino, Georgia, Giovanni's secretary, Caitlin, Shauntal, Professor Sebastian, Dr. Zager, Marley, Darach, Iris, Rowena, Kodai, Nurse Joy, Ariana, Archer, Petrel, Proton... any Rocket or badass female character, in short, really.
FAVOURITE SHIPS ★; DIAMONDSHIPPING (Giovanni/Delia) OTP, haters may report to the left in a single file line. Rocketshipping, Rowena/Kodai, Zero/Newton, Kevin/Sheena (I am not good with movie pairing names), Pokeshipping, Mondo/Domino, Giovanni/Ariana, Steelshipping, Giovanni/Sebastian, Sebastian/science, Abilityshipping

OTHER FANDOMS ★; Star Driver, Code Geass, Future Diary, Slayers, Gosick, Rozen Maiden, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Monster High, Nightmare Before Christmas, Groove Inc. dolls (Pullip/Dal), Tokidoki (does this count as fandom?), Sanrio characters, Poupeegirl, Heroes, Chuck, Harry Potter, Recettear, Castlevania, Discworld
OTHER SHIPS ★; Clawd/Draculaura, Frankie/Abbey (MH), Keito/Sugata (Star Driver), Claire/Peter (Heroes), Minene/Yukki (Future Diary)
OTHER INTERSETS ★; I like all kinds of music, mostly 70s/80s stuff, Eurodance, VK, Jpop, darkwave, and horror rock, I write (obvs) and draw in my spare time, and I love stuff with an offbeat sense of humor. I'm a pretty hardcore gamer but I play a ton of casual PC games. I'm addicted to makeup and fashion as well, but it's the kind that's a bit off the beaten path- mainly Goth and Lolita type stuff.
ETC? ★;

A/S/L ★; 19, ima girl, TEXAS.

POKéMON FANDOMS ★; I'm into the games and anime equally, all gens. Haven't read any of the manga lol.
FAVOURITE CHARACTERS ★; Brock's pretty cool, so is that Lisa from the third Pokemon movie YUP, oh and Elesa's pretty awesome too.
FAVOURITE SHIPS ★; TropiusxMeganium, Ash's SnivyxTrip's Servine, LugiaxMoltres, PMD!GrovylexPMD!Celebi, Ash's SceptilexAsh's Bayleef, LatiasxRayquaza, and idk lots more PokemonxPokemon ships. WHOOPS POKEMON ARE ALL I SHIP REALLY.

OTHER FANDOMS ★; Transformers, MLP: FIM, and Star Wars are my three other big fandoms, but I also like Sonic the Hedgehog, Rango, Animal Crossing, Halo, Godzilla, and other stuff.
OTHER SHIPS ★; BreakdownxAirachnid (TFP), General GrievousxShaak Ti (Star Wars *COUGH*), SoundwavexShockwave (TF; all verses). I have more, but I'd rather not list every single one hee.
OTHER INTERESTS ★; Marine animals :3, TUMBLR, video games, sometimes writing fanfics, and idk what else. I SOUND SO BORING.

ETC? ★;

A/S/L ★; 17, female, Florida

POKéMON FANDOMS ★; Just starting the manga, but I'm a long time lover of the games. (I've loved Pokemon since I played my cousin's copy of Pokemon Yellow)
FAVOURITE CHARACTERS ★; Lance (what can I say, I'm a Leaf Green kind of girl)
FAVOURITE SHIPS ★; None, but I'll enjoy any shipping fic if its nicely written

OTHER FANDOMS ★; Axis Powers: Hetalia, Star Wars and Transformers (hardly)
OTHER SHIPS ★; I'm kind into crack pairngs, so RussiaxLichtenstein, PurHun and then GermanyxN.Italy
OTHER INTERSETS ★; I play the clarinet in marching band, play varsity tennis, enjoy eating but cannot bake, love different cultures and languages, and writing.

ETC? ★;
fangirl gif Pictures, Images and Photos

(Deleted comment)
A/S/L ★; 20, i am a lady, fraaance

POKéMON FANDOMS ★; all of the games, all of them, from blue to white, from err pinball to mystery dungeon? not ranger, though, that scares me. I have read some of PokéSpe as well but not finished sadly
FAVOURITE POKéMON ★; eevee and drifloon and way too many others. cofagrigus is my bro. I like lots and lots of pokémon... oh zorua should be on this list
FAVOURITE CHARACTERS ★; ehh I like all the isshu unova lot, and I have a huge soft spot for Bill but I do just like everyone. Falkner can come too.
FAVOURITE SHIPS ★; I like N/Black, and Morty/Falkner and Cynthia/everyone and the OT3s ofc

OTHER FANDOMS ★; homestuck, doctor who, harry potter, animorphs, glee, whedonverse, ygo dm, professor layton, bleach, the dark is rising, rent, team starkid, the x files, stephen king's oeuvre, dinosaur comics which does not quite count as fandom but I adore it, I am unable to hold all of these fandoms
OTHER SHIPS ★; ummmm all of the homestuck ladies/all of the homestuck ladies but especially vriska/kanaya, remus/sirius, ichiruki, wash/zoe
OTHER INTERESTS ★; I am mad for singing/choral music, hiking and travelling. Also, apparently, changing my capitalisation at whim. I like Christmas a frankly obnoxious amount. I'm also very interested in the French language since moving here (...having to speak French is quite the motivator). And I love theatre! Music-wise my current obsessions include Florence + the Machine, Morrissey, and Howling Bells.

ETC? ★;

and we love you, Ted

Well hello there, fellow Homestuck fan! Friends, maybe?

Also, I am awkward. News at eleven.

(Deleted comment)
A/S/L ★; 18/f/toronto!

FAVOURITE POKéMON ★; raichu! second to gengar
FAVOURITE CHARACTERS ★; gold. green. blue. palmer. volkner
FAVOURITE SHIPS ★; flint/volkner and roark/volkner~

OTHER FANDOMS ★; PERSONA. Dragon ball/z. Vocaloid. Soul Eater. ACE ATTORNEY. Prof layton. FMA. Junjou/Sekaiichi.
OTHER SHIPS ★; fffuu too many to list. ;_;
OTHER INTERSETS ★; COSPLAYING! :3 I'm a big cosplayer. I teach taekwondo, and love jazz music.

ETC? ★;

I cant find anything funny right now. so here's a kirino gif. ;_;

(Deleted comment)

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